Facebook Watch and Facebook Workplace

Facebook Watch is the TV in social network format launched in the US a year ago and arrived in other countries a few days ago. Now, you might wonder what is Facebook.

For the Silicon Valley Company this is a fundamental step for opening up to global markets, a challenge for platforms like YouTube, Netflix or Amazon, rather than for television in the strict sense.

Although the digital community of users is no longer particularly confident of the social network algorithm, Facebook Watch seems ready to upset the video landscape.

But let’s see with order what it is, how it works and how much it costs.

What is Facebook Watch

The Facebook Watch service was launched in the United States at the end of August 2017.

It is an integrated platform in which TV studios of any kind and creators of online content can broadcast their shows by connecting with a highly involved audience.

The service is designed to enable creators and publishers to stream high quality, short and original, to a more personalized audience, using ad breaks to monetize videos.

The new platform hosts revolutionary advertising opportunities that will bring great benefits to various publishers.

Facebook Workplace, the novelty of Facebook to enter the business world is no longer a novelty. After months of requesting access (I swear, I had practically forgotten about everything) an unexpected mail made a Monday a little less Monday than usual. My access to Workplace has in fact tickled my curiosity. It will be that now it seemed more like a mythological animal, of those you hear about and then never see, but I must say that I immediately threw myself.

Before entering the Workplace, however, let’s do some clarity.

Facebook Workplace: What it is and how it Works

A few words are enough to define Workplace: simply a social-oriented version of the social network within companies.

Workplace does not reproduce only the features of Facebook: a personal profile where to publish, a News Feed with company news, groups (for different projects), the good dear Messenger as a chat, plus the ability to make audio / video calls (bye bye Skype).

Nothing new under the sun, you will say, but all this is nowadays dedicated and available to the teams of the various companies, in a completely private (and therefore safe) way. All contents are within the company firewall, resulting in a guarantee of privacy.

A theme heard, that of security, and on which Facebook aims very much Workplace side. Precisely for this there is no connection between the workplace account and personal account of Facebook. In addition, no trace of advertising and the certainty of not being tracked and profiled.

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